Industry Dive uses Paul Rand's theory on color, specifically black, and color is used sparingly yet strategically in each product. Read more about Rand on Wired. Please keep the following in mind when designing:

  • Dive Red should be used on the page to capture the user's attention, not to call out something random.
  • Sponsored Blue should be used only with sponsored items.
  • The greys should be used to add hierarchy to the page.
  • Grey backgrounds should only be used on advertising and promotional content.

Color palette

  • $primary-color: #d62828;
  • $sponsored-color: #288bd2;
  • $dive-black: #101316;
  • $dive-grey-1: 
    lighten($dive-black, 89%);
  • $dive-grey-2: 
    lighten($dive-black, 85%);
  • $dive-grey-3: #a9acaf;
  • $dive-grey-4: #76797C;
  • $dive-grey-5: #434649;